The War of The Roses

Hello everyone, my name is Nicole Kliewer. I am a senior at FSU and I will be directing the York side of the A Rose By Any Other Name, War of the Roses 1455 JCC. The War of the Roses is often regarded as one of the bloodiest and darkest periods in English history, marking the country with over 30 years cyclical fighting and competing claims to the throne. As members and allies of the York family, you will be thrust into the early days of this time of turmoil. How will you confront the foreign and domesic problems that plague the country's political system, economy and society? The glory and unity of England hang on a thread and it is up to you to face your pasts and inner demons in a final effort to save the Kingdom. Will you rise to the occasion and face your destiny or falter under the pressure? The choice is yours.

- Nicole Kliewer, and Elijah Kallett
Scrapped Account,
Jul 25, 2014, 3:21 PM