British East Indian Company 1744

Hello Delegates,

I express the utmost elation and joy to be able to create the struggles of the British East India Company during the eighteenth century with you all as participants. The committee will take place throughout the 1704s to 1760s in London; however, the issues at hand will span not only the Company’s home port but all around the globe as the Court of Directors works to increase Company profits.


            Each of you will represent a member of the Court of Directors, the Company’s governing body. The Court is faced with the delicate geopolitical situation of needing to increase trade during the Austrian War of Succession. The war has divided many of the great European powers against each other and the Company must avoid any potential landmines from this struggle. In addition to this, the Company is rapidly expanding across the globe and employees members from Great Britain to Sumatra. The Company must take care of its employees and assure that they do not become dissatisfied with the strenuous work schedule of a Company employee. Finally, and most excitedly, the Company has the ability to pursue its trade in whatever manner it sees fit. You, as its directors, have the ability to compete with other companies, enter trade agreements, market new goods to the British Empire and reap unimaginable riches from around the world.


As a note, this committee can go any number of ways and I am willing and desiring to work with you all to create the optimal crisis experience. Delegates will receive the general background guide for this committee. I want you all to be excited about this topic, innovative in your solutions and comfortable in this committee. Feel free to email me with any questions concerns at


With all regards,

Kristopher Bryant

Scrapped Account,
Jul 25, 2014, 3:28 PM