Poland 1939

Hello! My name is Rachel Way and I am thrilled to be the Crisis Director for Poland 1939. A special thanks to David Gracin for cowriting the crisis with me and chairing! Poland 1939 will be set in the middle of the summer of 1939, leading up to the invasion of Poland which historically happened September the first. Poland 1939 will be comprised of the Polish cabinet. The Polish government will seek to navigate the tense environment of rising powers around it while facing internal political problems and issues stemming from ethnic minority disputes. In addition to these domestic problems, there is an international policy of appeasement towards aggressor nations. This problem is coupled with rising tensions as Germany states its intentions for Poland to become a puppet government in a similar fashion to Austria. The Polish government will seek to safeguard its new-found sovereignty while simultaneously trying to overcome its domestic instability. 

-Rachel Way
Scrapped Account,
Jul 25, 2014, 3:29 PM