2029 Ad Hoc Committee: Crisis in Atlanta

Hey everyone! 

 My name is Sara Dejam and I will be the Chair of the 2029 Ad Hoc Committee: Crisis in Atlanta. This committee is my brainchild in that I’ve been hoping to have this simulation come to life for a while now and I’m so glad that it’s finally

coming to fruition! I am really excited to meet all of you and see how you all decide to take on this crisis. I am a Senior at Florida State University pursuing a dual degree in Middle Eastern Studies and International Affairs. When I’m not chairing at RTC I am the Chairwoman of the Ignite Party (our campus’ most prominent political party), VP of Membership for the Garnet and Gold Key Leadership Honorarium, and a Student Senator for the College of Social Sciences. For those of you who will attend RTC and go to FSU, let me know if you’re interested in getting involved on campus! As for this committee, while I can’t tell too many details without giving away the best surprises, I will let you know a few things: As you'll see in the background guide, the committee will be formed post-natural disaster. The largest disaster since hurricane Katrina has hit the entire Eastern side of the United States. However, the goal of the committee will have nothing to do with FEMA or any kind of Hurricane Katrina form of rescue. What delegates in my committee will soon realize is that certain facilities, both public and private, have not only been destroyed by the event, but their research has both escaped and combined. Like I said, I can't give away too much more information without hindering the surprises in the committee, but feel free to let your imagination run wild with possibilities. Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns you may have concerning this committee or anything that crosses your mind at srd09e@my.fsu.edu. I look forward to seeing you all at RTC!


        Sara Dejam

Background Guide: Click Here

FSU Sign-ups: Click Here!

*Delegates from schools other than FSU will receive reserved positions and do not need to sign up. Any issues with sign up should be referred to the Secretary General Hillary Harlan by emailing her at rtc@fsuwap.org