Human Trafficking General Assembly

Hello Everyone,

My name is Lety Mora and I will be the chair for the General Assembly Plenary this year. I am excited to meet everyone and looking forward to interesting and stimulating debate. I have been a member of the World Affairs Program for three years now and will pursue a higher degree in either criminology or law in the following year. In my free time I do normal things (much like you do) and I am almost always involved in a theatre production of some sort. The United Nations has become a core diplomatic tool when it comes to
international relations and foreign policy. It has worked extensively since its creation to combat numerous issues and has become omnipresent throughout the world. One issue that has been addressed by the UN is human trafficking, and this international organization has spearheaded many of the projects and policy created to lessen and ultimately end this matter. However, human trafficking has increased tremendously within the last few decades, and therefore it is important to re evaluate our methods and innovate our solutions. It is no shock that the topics I have chosen for you all to grapple with are trafficking of persons. In this committee we will concentrate on both sex trafficking and labor trafficking. This is a topic I am both knowledgeable and passionate about and hope to one-day work on this issue. If you have never done competitive debate or are not familiar with this style, do not worry because this a training conference and we will work hard to aid you throughout the process. I want you all to be excited about this topic, innovative in your solutions and comfortable in this committee. Feel free to email me with any questions concerns at

See you soon!
            Lety Mora

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